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Raindrops for Women by Ajmal Perfume 50ML

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Raindrops for Women by Ajmal Perfume combines uplifting Fruity and sensual Floral notes for the ultra-modern women of today was launched in 2006. The floral accords are very much the main standouts for this fragrance and are distinguished with the woody and fruity accompaniment. The fragrance, with its clean, back to basics chic is designed to appeal to women who seek practical scents, reminiscent of outdoor freshness. With a unique mix of Floral, Fruity and Fresh notes,

  • Top Notes are a perfect blend of sensual while floral and animalistic. 
  • Middle Notes add a depth of sophistication to the scent. 
  • Base Notes of florals, amber, and wood help strike a balance between the fruity and animalistic accords. 

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