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Evoke Silver for Men and Women by Ajmal Perfume

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Evoke Silver Edition for HER by Ajmal Perfume was launched in 2016. It has outstanding, natural citrus notes that offer an incredible sensation of freshness. This perfume delivers a fresh, energetic, and very feminine aroma.

 Evoke Silver Edition for HIM by Ajmal fragrance for men. A party wear fragrance for men who are stylish, classy, and makes his presence felt wherever they go. Evoke Silver Edition was launched in 2016.

  • Evoke Her NotesFruity Citrus, Floral, Powdery Woody.
  • Evoke Him Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Olibanum, Orange blossom, Violet, Amber, Cedarwood & Musk.

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