9 Best Designer and Niche Fragrances for women in 2022!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Ajmal Perfumes USA offers the best designer and niche fragrances for women this year! Our women’s fragrance collection has everything from floral scents to oriental perfume oils, that are perfect for women of this era. Ajmal Perfumes has over seven decades of experience in manufacturing and distributing fragrances of international standards. Our perfumes, colognes, and fragrance oils are prepared under expert supervision in our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Dubai. Here is the specially curated list of the most sought-after Ajmal fragrances for women.

9 Best Designer and Niche Fragrances for women

Designer and Niche Fragrances for Women

Ajmal’s women’s fragrances are available in categories of designer and niche fragrances, Prestige Collection, Women’s Collection, Signature Collection, and Concentrated Perfumes and Oils. Here are some of the best-sellers!

Amber Wood 

Amber Wood is an incredible fragrance with fruity, spicy, and herby top notes. The White Pepper and Cardamom opening gives you an energetic spice that elevates the freshness of the Ripe Apple and the Lavender. Orris root and wood in the middle notes create a powdery freshness to the perfume and the Cedarwood accord gives you a confident vibe that adds an aura of assuredness all around you. The base notes of Amber Wood Eau de Parfum are magnificent oriental accords. Amber accord is warm and aromatic, with spicy notes that come and go like a fragrant wave. Patchouli is earthy and green whose linear fragrance notes are enhanced by the smoky accords. 

Amber Wood is a wonderful fragrance that can be the perfect signature fragrance for yourself or a perfect present for your friends or family. It can be worn on any day of the year and any time of the day. It is one of the best designer and niche fragrances by Ajmal.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - White Pepper, Ripe Apple, Cardamom, and Lavender

Middle notes - Cedarwood, Orris root, and Orris wood

Base notes - Amber, spicy notes, smoky accords, and Patchouli

Amber Santal 

Amber Santal is an invigorating luxury perfume from Ajmal’s Signature Collection. With unique fragrance accords, this perfume is definitely one of the best fragrances for women and men this year! Amber Santal has a spicy opening that is expressed through the vibrant notes of Black Pepper and Nutmeg. The Cypress note exudes a green and earthy scent, making it a perfect opening for this special fragrance. Sandalwood and Incense in the middle notes add a divine scent to the fragrance. The base notes are made of Sandalwood and creamy Golden Amber - a lustrous vision of wonderful aromas. Cedar and Patchouli end the fragrance with a green, woody, and earthy fragrance that remains with you, even after the fragrance is lost!

Amber Santal by Ajmal is an Eau de Parfum that works perfectly during warmer months as it does during cold weather. It is a special perfume for every special occasion in your life!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Black Pepper, Nutmeg, and Cypress

Middle notes - Sandalwood and Incense

Base notes - Sandalwood, Golden Amber, Cedar, and Patchouli

Mukhallat Al Shams 

Mukhallat Al Shams is the perfect oriental blend of sensual fragrance notes like Oudh, woody accords, Ambergris, Musk, and Floral fragrance accords. Agarwood and Woody accords in the top notes create an exciting blend of majestic scents. The animalic and aromatic scents of Ambergris and Musk in the middle notes surprise you as the top notes slowly disappear. Floral fragrances in the base notes bring this luscious fragrance together. 

Mukhallat Al Shams has the purest Agarwood essence and is perfect for warm or sunny weather. It is suitable for men and women over 25. It is one of the best-selling designer and niche fragrances by Ajmal.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Agarwood/oudh and woody accords

Middle notes - Ambergris and Musk

Base notes - Floral fragrance accords

Aristocrat Femme Floral 

Aristocrat Femme Floral is an entrancing feminine scent with a sweet citrusy opening with the green, spicy, and subtly sweet Tagetes as the top fragrance notes. The Sugar accord in the middle notes is innocently unique. Saffron and Jasmine are sensual and sharp, putting you in an intoxicating trance. The star of this women’s perfume is the oriental accord formed by the skillful amalgamation of Agarwood, Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Oakmoss, and Cedar. These woody, ambery, green, and earthy accords elevate the innocently familiar top and middle accords and make it a perfect Eau de Parfum for women of every age. Aristocrat Femme Floral is a dazzling fragrance that impresses you and everyone around you. It is one of the best Ajmal fragrances for women.

Aristocrat Femme Floral is perfect for every day. It is suitable for all casual outings during the day and is also perfect for those perfect night-ins. It has a beautiful soft sillage that is utterly romantic!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Bergamot, Orange, and Tagetes

Middle notes - Sugar, Saffron, and Jasmine

Base notes - Agarwood(Oud), Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Oakmoss, and Cedar

Dahn Al Oud Jazaab 

Dahn Al Oud Jazaab is an opulent Agarwood fragrance in the form of concentrated perfume oil. This exhilarating fragrance is created by a blend of the richest and purest forms of Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood oils. Dahn Al Oud Jazaab is a fragrance that captures the beauty of the woody and animalic fragrance of the Oud - which is considered liquid Gold for being one of the most expensive fragrance oils. 

Dahn Al Oud Jazaab’s Oud fragrance shines throughout the long duration, the fragrance remains on your skin and has a beautiful sillage, making it one of Ajmal’s charming fragrances for women. Agarwood is a fragrance accord that transitions and blooms perfectly in hot weather, making it the perfect fragrance for summer! It is perfect for women over 25.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Agarwood accords

Middle notes - Agarwood accords

Base notes - Agarwood accords

Niche Fragrances

Aurum Winter 

Aurum Winter has the season’s best fragrances with the chirpy citrusy and fruity accords in the top notes. As the day progresses, Amber and Floral fragrances take over, forming the perfect marriage of oriental and floral scents. Amber and Musk in the base notes also replicate the beauty of oriental accords but it's the green and earthy Moss note that adds duality to otherwise linear perfume. Aurum Winter is a long-lasting Eau de Parfum that is reminiscent of the season’s best scents that are associated with joy and love.

Aurum Winter is the perfect fragrance for a cold winter day. This fragrance has a scent that is suitable for women of any age. It has a medium to soft sillage and a long projection that trails your presence with its remarkable scent. It is one of the most beautiful and best designer and niche fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes USA.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citruses and Fruity accords

Middle notes - Amber and Floral fragrances

Base notes - Amber, Moss, and Musk

Amaze for Women 

Amaze for Women is an alluring Eau de Parfum from the design house of Ajmal. This perfume offers you a refined and classy glimpse into the world of fruity and floral fragrances. The top notes are Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Orange Blossom - a zesty and sweet scent that is perfected by the tropical accords of peach and Fruit tea. Rose accord in the heart notes adds a gorgeous scent that lingers on your skin. The simple Balsamic accords of Musk and Tonka Bean. 

Amaze is one of the perfect fragrances for women with a scent profile that is elegant yet playful. This fragrance has a lovely sillage that is graceful. It is perfect to be worn during the day and is suitable for any time of the year!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, and Orange Blossom

Middle notes - Peach, Fruit tea, and Rose

Base notes - Tonka Bean and Musk

Amber Wood Noir 

The mysterious charisma of Amber Wood Noir entices all your senses with fruity and aromatic top notes that seize the attention of people around you. The floral and woody accords in the heart notes create a scent that is remarkable. Amber and Musk tease your imagination and entrance your senses. Amber Wood Noir lives up to its mysterious moniker and gives you one of the most thrilling fragrance experiences. This is one of the best fragrances for women

Amber Wood Noir is perfect for every occasion in your social calendar. It makes a perfect signature fragrance for the fragrance connoisseur in you!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citruses and Aromatic spices

Middle notes - Floral notes and woody accords

Base notes - Amber, Musk, and woody notes

Rose Wood

With exotic Rose fragrance notes and tantalizing woody accords, Rose Wood Perfume is a true enigma. This Eau de Parfum has entrancing fragrance notes that are known for their simplicity. Musk and Rose in the base heart notes create a mesmerizing aura of confidence all around you. The primary fragrance note in the base notes is Agarwood. The fragrance of Agarwood, with its unique warm and animalic notes, complements the woody and powdery accords in the base notes and elevates the beauty of the Rose fragrance accord. The spicy notes are felt by you through the fragrant musk accords in the middle notes. It is one of the best designer and niche fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes. 

Rose Wood is a luxurious fragrance from the signature collection by Ajmal. This Eau de Parfum is suitable for both men and women. Rose Wood has a versatile fragrance that makes it perfect for any occasion and any time of the year. Rose Wood makes a perfect present for your loved ones!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Floral notes and Spicy notes

Middle notes - Musk and Rose

Base notes - Agarwood, Powdery accords, and woody notes

These Ajmal fragrances for women are some of our best-sellers and have unique fragrance notes that make you stand out in any crowd. For more information about our women’s fragrance collection and Ajmal Perfumes, visit our website.

Niche Fragrances

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