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Neutron Perfume for Men by Ajmal Perfume 100ML

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Neutron Perfume for Men by Ajmal Perfume is specially designed for the young, enthusiastic men. A creation to reflect the influential persona of the men. The aromatic fragrance gives you a feel-good factor. Ajmal Neutron is a scent that lends sophistication and mystery to its wearer, no matter the occasion wore.
  • Top Notes: Fresh Fruity Musky with Fresh Fruity Musky as the top note, this fragrance is long-lasting and keeps you going all day with a dash of zest.
  • Heart Notes: Citrus Floral Musky the blend of Citrus Floral Musky in the heart note, gives off a whiff of a smoky scent that reveals your infectious personality.
  • Base Notes: Musky Woody ending in a base note of rich musky wood, Neutron Eau de Parfum highlights your dapper personality with its invigorating smell.

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