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Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Perfumes are the most powerful form of communication and have always been a symbolic representation of our emotions. The creation of Ajmal Fragrances started with this idea. Not only that but certain fragrances have the power to evoke memories and make you explore certain feelings. 

“Perfume is the art that makes memory speak” as said by the world’s famous French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. These words remind us of the power of a scent and its ability to sway us.

Let's understand perfume families to know how they can influence your mood and behavior.

Ajmal Fragrances

Different scents evoking different emotions

There are tens of fragrances families but they all come down to four types - Fresh, Floral, Amber, and Woody.

Fresh fragrances include notes of aqua, aromatic and green scents, and the fragrances laced with these are known to have energetic and vibrant redolence that invoke feelings of freshness, confidence, and enthusiasm in people. Think about the

vast blue ocean with the cool breeze trailing your skin. That's how these scents will make you feel. Blu Cologne for men, Aqua Cologne, Carbon, and Amaze for men and women are the perfect fresh perfumes by Ajmal Fragrances

Floral and sweet-smelling fragrances that belong to the gourmand family smell deliciously edible and are associated with affection, contentment, and love. Something that feels like a warm embrace. Sacred Love, Aristocrat Femme Floral, and Shadow Noir for men are some floral fragrances loved by everyone.

Amber fragrances are sweet and musky at the same time and are known to invoke a sense of sensuality. These scents are the epitome of attraction and pleasure. 

Fascinated about what a good amber fragrance can do? Try Amber Musc, a signature unisex perfume from the ‘M’ series (Musc series) by Ajmal Fragrances.

Woody fragrances smell powdery and warm but they have a divine aroma that exudes luxury and warmth. These perfumes are the safest choice when you are confused about what you want your scent to express. Check out our ‘W’ series (Wood series) to find a perfect woody perfume that you can wear on any occasion.

Perfumes have symbolism based on their notes and expression, so it is wise to use appropriate fragrances depending on how you want to be perceived by people around you. 

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Crafting memories with Ajmal Fragrances

Does a particular scent remind you of a time in your childhood? Turns out you are not alone! Of the five senses humans have, the sense of smell is one of the more powerful ones as it affects our subconscious mind and coincidentally impacts our memory thus associating an incident or person with a scent. Various studies revealed that the scents of an individual’s body and the environment around them impact the behavior and mood of all human beings.

Perfumes have been used to set the ambiance. Greeks used Saffron to relax and treat insomnia, Egyptians used Myrrh to treat anxiety, and in the Middle East, incense was burned to evoke a sense of divinity. 

Fragrances have also been used in treating psychological ailments for hundreds of years but the term used for it - ‘Aromachology’, sounded like a fad before we understood the power of the fragrance to influence our mood and how it, in turn, plays a vital role in our mental and emotional well-being. 

Our immense collection of Ajmal Fragrances has such thought-provoking scents that will put you in a pleasant mood and help everyone around you experience confidence and joy; or both!

Aromachology - The science behind the magic!

Aromachology is a word formed by the ‘blend’ of the words Aroma and Psychophysiology. It is a scientific study of fragrance technology and its influence on the human psyche. With years of research about the interrelation between scents and human behavior, scientists have concluded that every person is influenced by the scents around them. 

Although every person may not react to a particular smell in the same way, research has concluded that most people have predictable responses when introduced to specific scents. Many businesses harnessed the power of perfuming to increase productivity among their employees, some even get designer labels to create signature scents that perfectly represent their company among their clients and prospects. For instance, Amaze perfume for women by Ajmal Fragrances is a refreshing perfume with fruity essences that are sure to invoke joy - in the wearer and the people around them!

Ajmal Fragrances

Why choose Ajmal Fragrances?

When we tell you we take perfumes seriously, trust us, we do. Ajmal Fragrances are created using years of experience and proper scientific research. 

Decades of expertise helped us understand the emotions commonly associated with each scent and how various combinations create feelings of joy, confidence, success, attraction, and power. We understand the power of a scent and we want you to smell and feel amazing with each and every spritz. With our unique fragrance blends, we ensure that you exude opulence and confidence when you wear our perfumes. 

Join us to work towards a more sustainable approach to perfume making. Visit Ajmal Perfumes USA for more information.

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