How to Store Luxury Perfumes to Make Them Last Longer!

Written by: Chaitanya Nimmala.

Have you ever wondered why your favorite Luxury perfumes don't stay fresh long? Read further to know how to get the best out of your fragrances. 

When you invest in buying perfume you expect it to last you a long time. Do you know? the way you store perfume has a significant impact on its shelf life. According to fragrance experts, the storage environment has a great impact on the life span of fragrances.

People wear perfumes for several reasons. Some like to spice up their look with a dash of scent and some may want to feel confident but only a few individuals truly perceive what goes into creating one bottle of their favorite fragrance. Without proper storage, your perfume quality and strength will decline. Sometimes the perfume smell might change into something weird. Here we have a few steps so that you can keep your perfume as fresh and as long-lasting as possible.

Store Luxury Perfumes

Tips to make your Luxury Perfumes long-lasting

Sunlight is the biggest enemy

When direct sunlight hits your perfume bottle for a long time the fragrance components can be affected by light, their smell can become less strong and it could even smell off. If you leave your fragrance in sunlight for a certain period of time, it might end up smelling bad. You can protect your perfume against this, by keeping the bottle in the original packing box or case in a dark place.

Keep Your fragrances in a refrigerator

Storing perfumes in a refrigerator could sound new but it is a great way to prolong the shelf-life of your favorite fragrances. Some long-lasting perfumes for men and women are released in higher concentrations like Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilette and do not need extra care but Eau de Colognes and Eau Fraiche have low fragrance concentrations and are prone to damage due to heat and can be refrigerated to keep their quality intact.

Store away from humidity 

Most of us store our perfumes on our bathroom shelves as we prefer applying perfume right after the shower. Don't ever do this mistake, because the temperature changes and humidity in your bathroom can destroy the fragrance particles and make it smell putrid within no time. 

Choose cooler places or dark places

Perfumes need to be stored somewhere cool and dark. You can keep them inside a drawer or a cupboard, away from the heat and bright light. You can also store them in the refrigerator during summer and when the weather is too warm outside.

Keep the bottle sealed after using 

Make sure that the bottle remains sealed after using your luxury perfumes, especially when you are in hurry, make it compulsory. If you leave the bottle open for a couple of hours. As you know what will happen the air gets inside and the aromatic perfume will no longer.

Don't shake the Perfume bottle

Do you always shake your perfume bottles before you use them? Well, stop. Always remember the content of the bottle contains delicate chemical bonds from the top of the bottle to the bottom and vigorous shaking can result in loss of fragrance. It is also advisable to store your favorite perfumes for women and men in their original bottles to avoid the loss of scent while you transfer them to other decanters. The only exception is when you are traveling and can’t carry your full-sized bottle of perfume everywhere. 

Keep note of color changes 

Color changes happen in perfumes happen when you don't follow good storage rules. If your fragrance is turning darker or lighter in color, It's probably going bad. Notice the scent changes from time to time and pay attention to the color changes. However, it's common in normal fragrances with natural ingredients to change color.

Store Luxury Perfumes

Buy Travel sized bottles

Destination wedding? Business tour? Meeting friends? you may wish to keep your fragrances as contemporary as your look while traveling. But make sure you avoid traveling with full-sized flacons of luxury perfumes. The heat can make your fragrance lose its beautiful scent and you could also damage the bottles while moving them. The solution for this is you can transfer your favorite fragrance into a tiny travel-sized bottle, and tightly seal each bottle to avoid air exposure, or, you can invest in a smaller bottle of the fragrance of your choice.

Store fragrance in an airtight box

Double packing will boost your go-to fragrance's longevity. If you've got many special bottles of fragrances, place them in their original box case and safely store them in an airtight container. This reduces any chance of reaction with the air and you end up with a scent that smells nice for an extended time.

Understanding the art of fragrance creation can cause you to appreciate however one drop will evoke pleasant recollections and fill the air with beautiful scents. It is incredibly necessary to store your perfumes properly to protect the fragrance from slowly losing its scent with the change of the seasons. 

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Store Luxury Perfumes
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