5 Best Amber Perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Amber Perfumes are special and unique. They are well-known in the world of Oriental perfumery, but what exactly is Amber? Is it the resinous fossil that carries the secrets of millions of years? or the golden-hued gemstone that adorns beautiful jewelry? or is it that single characteristic note in oriental perfumes that is warm and spicy? Let us find out in detail about this mysterious perfume note.

As far as perfumes are concerned, Amber is represented in the fragrance pyramid as this bright yellow or orange-colored resin but the truth is far from it. Amber is a note that is a blend of some or all of - benzoin, labdanum, fir, styrax, and vanilla accords creating this beautiful and luscious vibe for any perfume it is made of.

Amber perfume notes and their accords.

Below are the most commonly used ingredients in the blend, making amber.

Benzoin - A warm oriental/balsamic note

Labdanum - An intense leathery and green note with a hint of floral.

Vanilla - A sweet note that belongs to the gourmand fragrance family.

Styrax - Dry, resinous, woody, and floral accord

Fir - A balsamic green note with a hint of a delicate woody accord

Tonka - Sweet smelling gourmand accord

Patchouli - A woody and green scent

Peru Balsam - Another resinous substance with a coniferous wood scent.

These notes combine and form a brilliant fragrance note that captures the best of each note it is made of.

Amber accords - Rich, deep, luxurious, cozy, creamy, woody, with a hint of spice and sweetness.

Amber Fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes

Ajmal Perfumes, being the leading producer of oriental fragrances, has some of the best perfumes with Amber as the star note. Let us get to know about these exquisite fragrances in detail. Who knows? Amber might entice you into having one of these best fragrances by us.

Amber Wood

Amber Wood is a luxurious Eau de Parfum with a fragrance that is the perfect amalgamation of Amber notes with woody accords with a dash of powdery orris notes. When you spray the perfume, you will be instantly transported to the rich oriental lands that are furnished with

luxurious spices, intoxicating gardens of exotic flowers, tall trees with fragrant woods, and that warm amber that mesmerizes you with its beautiful aroma.  This Amber perfume has an energetic spicy opening with Cardamom and White pepper accords that are laced with the tangy green apple and the floral and herbal accords of the fragrant Lavender. As soon as the spicy notes start to disappear, the perfume projects a wonderful powdery note of the Orris along with the green cedar accords. The star of this perfume is the base notes created by a creamy, sweet, and rich amber note that elevates the middle notes and projects them along with Patchouli and woody accords.

Amber Wood is a long-lasting perfume that has an androgynous scent profile and is suitable for both men and women. This Eau de Parfum was released in the year 2014 and has remained one of our best-selling perfumes for over 8 years. Amber Wood comes in a luxurious black flacon with a golden tag in the front embossed with the perfume’s name and it comes in classy black packaging. The design of both the perfume and the bottle is sure to make you swoon and it definitely makes the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially if they love a good aromatic and woody fragrance.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Cardamom, White pepper, Green Apple, and Lavender

Middle notes - Orris and Cedar accords

Base notes - Amber, Patchouli, and Woody accords

Amber Wood Noir 

Released in the year 2020, Amber Wood Noir captures the intense beauty of oriental accords, especially that of Amber. The perfume has zesty, spicy, and aromatic accords of citrus and spice which is expressed as a spicy Chypre perfume but as the fragrance of top notes evaporates, this Eau de Parfum reveals beautiful floral notes that a sweet scent to an otherwise dark perfume. The middle notes play a vital role in blending both the top and base notes perfectly and create a rich aroma that is expressed through the woody, musk, and ambery accords in the base notes. This decadent Eau de Parfum has opulent fragrance accords that perfectly trail your skin giving you a luxurious feel even after hours. Amber fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes have an enduring aroma that creates a trail of wonderful scents where ever you go! The best way to describe this perfume is - A walk through the forests of India where you will be greeted by the best resources nature could offer. The fresh breeze that carries the scents of various kinds of wood, the fragrance of wildflowers, and the hint of bitter spice from the cardamom and pepper. 

Amber Wood Noir is yet another androgynous perfume that entices you and everyone around with a mystical fragrance. This fragrance is perfect for those cold evenings when you want something to keep you energetic and cozy but make sure you don’t spray it too much, especially if you are going to be indoors because this perfume has a strong projection that is suitable for outdoors.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Citrus and aromatic spices

Middle notes - Floral notes and Woody accords

Base notes - Woodsy notes, Amber accords, and Musk

Best Amber Perfumes

Amber Musc 

Amber Musc is the perfect marriage of Amber and Musk accords. This Eau de Parfum was released as a part of Ajmal’s ‘M’/ Musk series in the year 2015. Amber Musc is one of the best Amber fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes and has a beautiful scent that will capture all your senses in a delightful trance. This perfume has an enthralling floral opening with the magnificent Rose accord that has a sweet and warm scent which is balanced by the cool woodsy fragrance of Cedar Wood in the middle notes. They both express a slightly green aroma that adds freshness to this rich and lustrous fragrance. The Musk accord in the base notes has a distinct animalic scent with a sweet smell that is complemented by the aromatic Amber note which exudes a warm and spicy scent that perfectly brings this perfume together. Amber Musc does a fantastic job in introducing Oriental fragrances to the rest of the world by creating a fragrance that everyone can appreciate.

This Amber perfume has a mystical scent that is suitable for men and women of any age. This is a perfect Eau de Parfum for any occasion. It is also suitable for any time of the year, If you are looking for a perfume that can be your signature scent, look no further than Amber Musc, as it has everything a good perfume should have.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Rose

Middle notes - Cedar

Base notes - Musk and Amber

Amber Poivre 

Amber Poivre is a spicy and ambery Eau de Parfum by Ajmal Perfumes, released in the year 2019. ‘Poivre’ is a French word that means Pepper in English. This amber-centric perfume is elevated by the spicy pepper accords in the top notes. Unlike other Amber perfumes we have discussed until now, Amber in Amber Poivre is sensual and entrancing. Its richness is cut through by spicy notes like pepper and nutmeg. The green accords of Cypress add a new and interesting facet that is complemented by the floral and woody accords in the heart of the perfume. The floral heart blossoms beautifully and leads the way for the fascinating Amber. The base notes transcend into an ethereal experience for everyone with the warm and opulent Amber, cool and powdery Sandalwood and Cedar, Animalic Musk, and the very green Patchouli which create a symphony of a unique fragrance that was never felt before. 

Amber Poivre is an intense fragrance with bold notes and it also has calming notes that balance that intensity, which makes it the perfect choice for a signature perfume. The magnificence of Amber Poivre is wonderfully represented through its golden-hued glass flacon that is reminiscent of the color of Amber resin. It is a perfume you can wear throughout the year. This perfume also has the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary essences making it suitable for any occasion. Amber Poivre exudes glamor and luxury and makes a perfect perfume for you!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Pepper, Cypress, and Nutmeg

Middle notes - Floral notes and Woodsy accords

Base notes - Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, and Cedar

Best Amber Perfumes

Amber Santal 

Amber Santal is crafted using the purest essences of Sandalwood and Amber. This is one of the best Amber perfumes released in the year 2019. Amber in this Eau de Parfum is what can be described as spiritual as the Incense in the middle notes ensures the revelation of the warm accord that complements its smokiness. The Cypress in the top notes offers a fresh and green opening that mellows the harshness of Nutmeg and Pepper accords that appear as the fragrance is first sprayed. The Sandalwood note is prominent in this perfume and is better expressed than in any other Amber fragrance by Ajmal Perfumes. The Sandalwood accord initially reveals itself along with the Incense accord and the combined fragrance reminds you of the Bakoor or ‘Middle-Eastern incense’ that still decorates their everyday life with beautiful scents. The Sandalwood in the middle notes carries itself through base notes and flawlessly interlaces the Amber, Cedar, and Patchouli. 

Amber Santal is a perfume that is better suited for special occasions. Although it can be worn every day, it projects strongly in closed rooms so it is better to wear it outdoors for that vigorous vibe. It is an androgynous perfume that leans slightly towards the masculine side with its fougere opening and smoky, woody accords. You can wear it any time of the day and in any season. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Cypress, Pepper, and Nutmeg

Middle notes - Incense and Sandalwood

Base notes - Sandalwood, Amber, Cedar, and Patchouli

Here comes the list of the most sought-after Amber Perfumes of which it is the most prominent note. Here is another honorary mention of our crowd-favorite Amber from our legendary Purely Orient Series.

Purely Orient Amber

Purely Orient Amber is a part of the Purely Orient series by Ajmal released in the year 2019. This Amber perfume has the perfect blend of Amber with Woods like Rosewood, Agarwood, and Sandalwood, which help the Amber express its beautiful notes. The Amber in Purely Orient is resinous, warm, and has a slightly spicy scent which is balanced by all the floral accords in the middle notes like Rose and Jasmine scents. Pepper and Bergamot in the top notes are vibrant and create an intriguing balance between the warm and sweet accords in the middle and base notes.  Purely Orient Amber is a versatile perfume that is suitable for men and women. It is suitable for people over 25 and can be worn for any occasion. This perfume is perfect for summers and blooms perfectly on warm days. If you are looking for a perfume to experience the real amber without overly sweet accords of Vanilla, you must try Purely Orient Amber!

Fragrance notes 

Top notes - Pepper and Bergamot

Middle notes - Rose, Palisander Rosewood, and Jasmine

Base notes - Amber, Agarwood, Sandalwood, and Musk

These are some of the best-selling Amber fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes. They capture the true essence of the beloved Amber accord and celebrate its beauty along with other oriental essences. If you are interested in trying some of our Amber perfumes, you can try the signature collection of Ajmal perfumes. For more interesting information about Ajmal Perfumes, visit our website. 

Best Amber Perfumes