Top 5 Reasons to Choose Ajmal Aristocrat Fragrances for Men and Women

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Ajmal is a celebrated name among the perfume connoisseurs with a great collection of fragrances for men and women. The Ajmal Aristocrat series is an exemplar of the opulence and sophistication of Ajmal fragrances. They exude a sense of confidence and regality that embodies the vision of the Late Haji Ajmal Ali, who founded the Ajmal Perfumes seven decades ago. Now, even after these many years, we continue to be favored for our luxurious fragrances and with perfumes like Aristocrat, the perfumes of Ajmal entice both men and women who appreciate the classy and contemporary fragrances

The Aristocrat series has three delectable fragrances namely Aristocrat Cologne, Aristocrat Femme Floral, and Aristocrat Platinum. These three fragrances skillfully capture the craftsmanship of all the ‘noses’ that inspired to bring about wonderful fragrances that will remain appreciated for decades to come.

Ajmal Aristocrat Cologne 

Launched in 2017, Ajmal Aristocrat Cologne is a fashionable perfume with a long-lasting fragrance enhanced by woody and musky notes. This perfume reminds you of a forbidden rendezvous on a winter evening. It is warm, cozy, and delightfully assertive without being offensive. The perfume quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of oriental and fresh fragrance notes. With watermelon, lime, and bergamot top notes, lily and jasmine middle notes, and ambery and musky base notes, it was liked by both men and women. 

Since its release, Aristocrat Cologne has been a go-to perfume for perfume enthusiasts and its popularity led to the creation of a special Aristocrat perfume for women - Aristocrat Femme Floral. If you are someone who wants to make a statement and make yourself known, Aristocrat Cologne is a perfect choice for you.

Ajmal Aristocrat Fragrances

Ajmal Aristocrat Femme Floral

Aristocrat Femme Floral is an elegant Eau de Parfum released in 2018. The perfume has vibrant top notes of tagetes, orange, and bergamot layered with sugar, saffron, and jasmine and the enduring base notes of musk, amber, and oakmoss. Imagine a beautiful garden of sweet floral and fruity scents that remind you of spring, that's how it smells on you. The sweetness of Aristocrat Femme Floral is remarkably felt with the initial spray and the dry down reveals floral and musky accords that elevate your body’s natural odor. It is simply a celebration of your femininity.

Ajmal Aristocrat Fragrances

Ajmal Aristocrat Platinum

Aristocrat Platinum was launched in the year 2021 commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Ajmal Perfumes. It was successful in evoking the memories of the parfumerie's grand fragrance history. This perfume has a unique redolence of oriental essences perfectly blended with contemporary fragrances, thus bringing together the expertise of generations of Ajmal perfumers into a single, unique perfume.

Aristocrat Platinum is a leathery perfume that has both feminine and masculine facets which makes it a perfect gender-neutral perfume. With accords of energetic fragrance notes like spicy pepper and vibrant lemon top notes, that complement the floral heart notes which in turn perfectly layer the long-lasting leathery and woody base notes, this perfume is a crowd favorite.

Ajmal Aristocrat Fragrances

What makes Aristocrat Perfumes special?


The best quality of Aristocrat perfumes is their long-lasting fragrance created by beautifully crafted concentrated essences. These concentrated essences are made from raw materials of the highest quality, sourced from all around the world. Aristocrat perfumes last on your skin for a very long time and create a wonderful olfactory sensation as the fragrances gradually dry down to a strong woody and musky base that remains on your skin even after a long day. 

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Sillage and Projection

Sillage is the trail of scent left by perfume or fragrance as someone walks by, and projection is the reach of your perfume. These aspects depend on the strength of a perfume and its concentration. Highly concentrated perfumes like Parfums and Eaux de Parfum have a strong long-lasting fragrance and a potent sillage. Ajmal Aristocrat fragrances are Eau de Parfums with beautiful sillage that isn’t over-powering to anyone who experiences it. With these modest perfumes, your presence is felt by people around you, not forced onto them!


The versatility of a perfume is its adaptability to be suitable with any outfit and on any occasion. All three Aristocrat perfumes have classy and contemporary fragrance families that perfectly blended together, making them appropriate for any season or any time of the day. The unique but familiar scents of Aristocrat fragrances are created to suit every event in your social calendar. These scents evolve into an amusing fragrance depending on the time of the year leaving you with a confident aura all around you. 


The presence of both fresh and intense notes deems Ajmal Aristocrat suitable for men and women of any age. Aristocrat cologne and Aristocrat Platinum make good workwear or a date-night fragrance and are even perfect for a day out as the citrusy and fruity notes keep you fresh for a long time. Aristocrat Femme Floral has a subtle fragrance which makes it suitable for both casual and special occasions and will make a good signature perfume for someone who wants a personality-defining fragrance.


It is noteworthy that Eau de Parfums like Aristocrat cost less compared to their counterparts, especially from a well-known luxury brand like ours. Most expensive perfumes cost you additionally for packaging and marketing, unlike Ajmal fragrances which need no introduction. These carefully crafted perfumes represent the unmatched quality standards of Ajmal without being too expensive, making them perfect for everyday wear.

For more such interesting fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes, visit our website. We have a perfectly curated collection of fragrances for men and women carefully chosen to suit your charming personality and elevate it. Check out our Prestige Collection for more information about Ajmal Aristocrat perfumes.

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