9 Tips to Make Your Favorite Ajmal Perfumes Last Longer on Your Skin!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

If you are someone who enjoys wearing perfume every day and wants to prolong its fragrance, you have come to the right place. Here are some fool-proof ways which you can use to make your favorite Ajmal perfumes last longer on your skin. Happy reading and happy perfuming!

Ajmal Perfumes Last Longer

Ajmal Perfumes Last Longer on Your Skin

Tip - 1: Apply perfume right after you shower.

This is not a big secret, it is what most people do unknowingly. Applying perfume after washing yourself allows the fragrance to attach to your skin and is better expressed even after many hours. The main reason for this is that when you shower, you will wash away all that dirt and oil that is accumulated on your skin, and removing it will help the fragrance interact with your skin in a better way and thus prolonging its scent for a longer time. It is when your skin is best prepared to absorb the fragrance and It is also the time when your skin is free from perspiration so, the perfume expresses its best fragrance without being overpowered by your body odor. Make sure you don’t directly apply perfume without drying yourself properly, the water droplets on your skin may dilute the perfume and make it weaker

Tip - 2: Moisturize your skin before Applying to prolong the scent of  Ajmal Perfumes.

Dryness and perfumes don’t go well together. If your skin is dry when you put on perfume, the skin barrier gets irritated and the perfume is also evaporated easily. A well-moisturized skin locks in the scent of the fragrance molecules when you spray or dab your perfume and they are slowly released over time, to be expressed even after hours. So always make sure you moisturize your skin before applying perfumes. You can use the moisturizers of a similar scent as your perfume, or you can use scented moisturizers to layer your perfumes for that signature fragrance. If you don’t want your moisturizer to interact with the scent of your perfume, you can use unscented moisturizers or light oils to add that layer of protective barrier that drastically improves your fragrance and extends the time its stays on your skin.

Tip - 3: Combine or layer the fragrances for that long-lasting scent.

We have already discussed that layering perfumes with moisturizers can prolong the longevity of the fragrance, but do you know that you can also layer different fragrances to make them last longer? Every perfume is made of fragrance notes - top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top notes are made of fragrances that disappear quickly, followed by middle notes and base notes. So, base notes are usually created using accords that are longer lasting like Agarwood oil. In a similar way, some fragrances are made to last longer than others. If you can find two such enduring fragrances that can complement the perfumes you have, you can create a beautiful bouquet of fragrances that are special to you.

Tip - 4: Apply perfumes to pulse points.

You might have noticed in perfume commercials or movies that people spray perfumes on their wrists and the nape of their neck. These are the most common pulse points to apply perfume. You can alternatively apply perfume on your inner elbows, behind your knees, and forearms. These regions on the human body are warmer than the rest of the body and the heat from there allows the perfume to bloom and release all the fragrance notes beautifully. If you are using fragrance sprays, keep the bottle 5-7 cm away from your skin in an upright position and spray once or twice. It is advisable not to spray any fragrance directly on your hair as it can be damaging to your hair strands, do not waste the perfume by spraying it like a cloud and walking through it, this will deplete your fragrance without giving you the full benefits. And never rub the perfume vigorously between your wrists or on your skin, this damages the fragrance molecules and mellows the fragrance drastically.

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Ajmal Perfumes Last Longer

Tip - 5: Find a perfume with higher concentrations.

Ajmal Perfumes are available in different fragrance concentrations. There is a huge variety of Eau de Parfums, Eaux de Toilette, Eau de Colognes, and perfume oils listed on our website. 

Perfume Oils or Parfums - These are fragrances of the highest concentration - the purest form of a fragrance mixed with a carrier oil to make it easier to apply. It has up to 40% of fragrance and hence has the strongest projection and longest sillage.

Eau de Parfum - Eau de Parfum or EdP as they are commonly known, are the most concentrated perfume sprays (now available as roll-on and solid perfumes as well). They have 15 - 20% of fragrance in fixatives like alcohol or oils. 

Eau de Toilette - Eau de Toilette or EdT has a fragrance concentration of 5 - 15%. 

Eau de Cologne - Eau de Cologne or EdC has 2 - 5% of fragrance concentration. 

Eau Fraiche - This has 1- 3% of fragrance and is one of the weakest forms of perfumes. 

If you are looking for perfumes that last longer, perfume oils and Eau de Parfums are perfect for you. Eau de Parfum lasts up to 8 hours on the skin whereas Perfume oils can last up to a day! 

Make sure you always test perfumes before purchasing, especially when you are not sure about the fragrance concentration in them.

Tip -6: Re-apply your perfume when necessary.

During the day you may feel like your fragrance has weakened a little. This could happen because of excessive perspiration and other factors. You can always re-apply your perfume when you feel like you could use some extra fragrance. 

It is ideal to re-apply perfume once or twice a day depending on the strength of the perfume and its projection. You could carry travel-size perfume atomizers or small perfume decanters filled with your favorite Ajmal Perfumes in your purse. You can also use solid perfumes, and fragrance roll-ons to re-apply your perfumes during the day. My favorite and go-to tip is to use scent moisturizers to layer a new fragrance and to prolong the scent of my perfume - feel better and smell your best at the same time!

Tip - 7: Do or Don’t? applying perfumes to clothes.

Some people swear by applying perfumes to clothes and some are appalled by it! Let us try to understand if it is a good practice or a bad one. Deodorizers and antiperspirants are especially created to apply directly to the skin as they are not merely created for their fragrance but also to make you sweat less. Perfumes, Colognes, Eaux de Toilette, Eau Fraiche, and Perfume oils can be applied to clothes - technically. And perfuming clothes is not a new practice per se, some of the oldest perfuming practices involve smoking garments with fragrant herbs and resins to capture their scent. This practice is still observed in the oriental region and some say that this even makes the perfume last longer. Others would argue that the compounds in the fragrances are damaging to the cloth fibers and jewelry and hence should never be spayed by perfumes. So it all comes down to your personal preference. But if you are someone who wants to use perfume on your clothes, make sure it is a transparent one and without any oily substance as they can stain your clothes.

Tip - 8: Store the perfumes properly. 

Most people complain about losing the initial fragrance of the perfumes that they loved so much, to a point where they don’t smell it 5 minutes after spraying it. The two common reasons for this are

1) Your olfactory sense gets used to the fragrance if you wear it often, which is why we always advise you to change your perfume often, and if you love some perfume so much, don’t use it too much. 

2) The perfume is not stored properly and the fragrance notes are either evaporated or lost. To avoid this, make sure you store your perfume bottle in a cool and dark place in an upright position and keep it closed after you are done spraying. Also, check the expiration date on the perfume from time to time to ensure it is used up before its fragrance changes or worse - lost. Ajmal Perfumes come in  perfect flacons that keep the fragrance fresh for a very long time!

Tip - 9: Wear appropriate perfume for the season or part of the day.

The last but the most important tip on this list is - It is advisable to wear perfumes that are appropriate for a specific time of the day or year. For instance, summer fragrances are created using fragrance notes that are appropriate for the season, like fresh fragrances of flowers, fruits, aquatic notes, and aromatic accords. They are also composed of fragrances of high concentrations which enable them to last for a long time in the heat. So if you are choosing Aurum Summer by Ajmal Perfumes, which is an Eau de Parfum, you can rest assured that it can keep you fresh for a long time even in humid weather. We also suggest light colognes for the evening and nights, so that spicy and creamy accords that are suitable for evening wear won’t wake you up from a cozy dream! With perfumery, there is always so much more than what meets the eye.

With that, our list comes to an end. We hope you will remember a thing or two from here when you apply your perfume next time. For more such interesting tips about perfumes and to know more about our exclusive fragrance collection, Visit our website  Ajmal Perfumes USA.

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Ajmal Perfumes Last Longer