The Best Oriental Perfumes - Ajmal Purely Orient for Men and Women!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

With Incense - the first recorded ingredient of oriental Perfumes dating back to the Neolithic period, history assures the existence of oriental fragrances since the first civilization. Contemporary versions of these oriental fragrances are now gaining popularity, with a lot of perfume connoisseurs appreciating the intense fragrances the ‘East’ has got to offer. Signature perfumes like the Musc series, Wood series, and  Ajmal Purely Orient opened the international fragrance market to exciting Eau de Parfums like Ajmal Purely Orient Incense, Amber Wood, Amber Musc, Purely Orient Santal, and Amber Poivre.

With opulent and fragrant ingredients like Myrrh, Incense, Oudh, Styrax, Vanilla, Opoponax, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Spices, and other resinous fragrances, Oriental perfumes are now dominating the perfume world in both designer and niche categories.

The Best Oriental Perfumes By Ajmal

Usage of fragrances and perfumes has been in practice for over 4000 years. Anthropological records of early civilizations show that the earliest versions of oriental and balsamic perfumes were widely used in religious rituals and medicine. Excavations in Egypt, some parts of Europe, and the Middle East revealed evidence of these perfumes made for both men and women. Perfume oils extracted from fragrant elements like spices, wood, flowers, and herbs adorned the temples of their gods and the courts of their Kings alike.

Perfume oils were also liberally used in the process of embalming the dead i.e., the mummification process. Many perfume bottles were found in the sarcophagus of mummified bodies of Pharaohs and Aristocrats of those times. Scientists who studied a perfume bottle in Tutankhamun’s tomb found traces of coconut oil and frankincense in the small quantity of perfume still present in it! 

Fragrances like Attars, Bakhoor, and Parfums have always been around. The same fragrances gradually evolved into what we now consider ‘oriental or amber fragrances’.

Oriental Perfumes are the oldest recorded fragrances that can be credited for the most widely used perfume extraction method - steam distillation. The oriental perfume-making techniques and the ingredients are still widely used to make authentic perfumes. Ajmal’s Purely Orient for men and women is inspired by such age-old secrets that carry the mystery of oriental perfumery.

Ajmal Purely Orient

The Origins of Oriental Perfumes

Sub families in Oriental Perfumes

The Oriental fragrance family is categorized into subfamilies

Oriental Floral

Oriental Floral fragrances are also known as ‘florientals’. This is the most frequently purchased Oriental perfume type. The blend of florals with other oriental perfume notes works together perfectly by elevating both the floral accords and ambery notes. Violet Musc and Rose Wood are some of the perfect oriental floral perfumes out there. Oriental floral perfumes make the perfect fragrance for both men and men.

Spicy Oriental

Spicy Oriental fragrances are a blend of spicy notes like cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, etc with oriental accords like amber, musk, vanilla, and fragrant resinous substances. Spicy orientals lean more towards the masculine side but some women also enjoy the intense fragrances of this combination. Ajmal Purely Orient Incense is one of the best spicy oriental perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes.

Citrusy Oriental

The fresh and deep facets of citrusy oriental fragrances are the perfect blend of western and eastern perfume profiles for that refreshing contemporary vibe often associated with daytime fragrances. If you are someone who wants a niche perfume but wants to play it safe, citrusy oriental perfumes are perfect for you. The opening of citrusy notes gradually transitions into an intense balsamic fragrance giving you the best of both worlds.

Oriental Leather

Oriental leather is one of the earliest subfamilies of the oriental fragrance family. The leather accord is not appealing on its own but the musky and woody notes of oriental fragrances create an interesting blend of yet another masculine fragrance enticing to younger generations.

Oriental Woody

Woody notes have always been a part of oriental fragrances. Oil extracted from wood has been the base of these perfumes as alcohol is not used in oriental perfumes as a fixative, unlike other perfumes. There is a wide variety of woody Ajmal unisex perfumes with oriental notes as their prominent accord.

Aromatic Oriental

Aromatic Oriental perfumes are made with an amalgamation of fresh and aromatic fragrances with spicy and ambery oriental fragrances to create a divine expression through the scent. They tend to have an intensely strong aroma.

Common “Notes de Parfum” in Oriental perfumes

These are the common fragrance notes we often see in oriental perfumes.


Agarwood essence which is a prominent base note in many perfumes is a secretion of the heartwood of the aquillaria tree trunk when it is infected by Phialophora parasitica, a type of plant mold. Oudh has a creamy and woody scent that adds richness to any perfume.

Fragrance family - Woody oriental


Olibanum or frankincense as it is also called is a resinous substance that has smoky, spicy, and green fragrance notes - a truly balsamic fragrance profile. Incense is also the best-selling fragrance in the Ajmal Purely Orient  series

Fragrance family - Spicy oriental


Myrrh is another resin with a sweet and aromatic fragrance that is slightly similar to incense. This is one of the oldest fragrances ever recorded.

Fragrance family - Aromatic oriental


Amber is a blend of various resins like labdanum, benzoin, styrax, fir, and vanilla. This amalgamation has a warm, sweet, aromatic, and creamy fragrance which pairs well with any fragrance notes. Amber is known for its versatility.

Fragrance family - Aromatic Oriental

Tonka Bean

Native to tropical forests, the Tonka bean is one of the widely used fragrance notes in gourmand fragrances. It has a green, fruity, and nutty fragrance.

Fragrance family - Oriental and Gourmand


Saffron is the most expensive spice obtained from the stamens of a rare flower called Crocus sativus Linneaus. It has an earthy and floral fragrance that transitions into a creamy note depending on how it is used.

Fragrance family - Floral Oriental


Vetiver or Khus is a root of a fragrant plant native to the east. It has an earthy, woody, and mossy fragrance profile that gives a damp soil note to the perfume. The main ingredient of the Vetiver perfume of the Ajmal Purely Orient series.

Fragrance family - Woody Oriental


Patchouli is a small bush native to India and has a floral and green aroma. It is one of the most widely used fragrance notes in contemporary perfumes.

Fragrance family - Oriental, floral, and woody


Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that is also native to the oriental region. The wood has a wonderfully sweet, woody, and powdery aroma that complements oriental, floral, spicy, and green fragrance notes.

Fragrance family - Woody Oriental


A resinous balsam with a sweet and warm fragrance that is similar to Amber. It has an intense fragrance with familiar fragrance notes.

Fragrance family - Aromatic Oriental


A spice with a sweet and bitter fragrance profile. A perfect note to balance the intense oriental fragrance accords.

Fragrance family - Spicy Oriental


Cinnamon is the bark of the wood that has a sweet, warm, and slightly bitter fragrance profile. Perfect for evening perfumes.

Fragrance family - Spicy Oriental and Gourmand

Let us take a look at the fragrances of Purely Orient for men and women to understand the composition of the Oriental fragrance family and its subfamilies.

Ajmal Purely Orient

Ajmal Purely Orient Perfumes

Purely Orient series by Ajmal Perfumes is an iconic line of oriental perfumes with multi-faceted fragrance profiles that elevate the amber notes and evoke a mesmerizing redolence. Launched in the year 2019, these perfumes are the epitome of luxury. Each perfume is layered with some of the intriguing essences of incense, musk, patchouli, saffron, santal, tonka, vetiver, and cashmere, and is perfected with contemporary perfume notes that give you the sense of a wonderful oriental adventure. These perfumes are named after their ‘star’ accord so you know what to expect from each one of their fragrance.

The fragrances of Purely Orient for men and women are specially crafted by our experienced perfumers using the finest ingredients that are imported from the places their quality is best known for. Agarwood or Oudh as it is called in the Middle East is sourced from our Agarwood plantations in India. As Indian Agarwood is highly sought out for its unique creamy accords. Oudh is the most important base note for most oriental fragrances and is used liberally in Ajmal Perfumes despite its rarity and high cost.

Purely Orient Musk

Purely Orient Musc is an enticing unisex fragrance by the leading oriental fragrance producer Ajmal. Ajmal Purely Orient offers ‘Musk’ which has rich essences like Oudh, cedarwood, and musk brilliantly layered with fresh fruity notes that give you a deep yet playful swirl through the beautiful orient.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Passionfruit, Apple and Bergamot

Middle notes - Plum, Strawberry, and Ginger

Base notes -  Vanilla, Oudh, Cedar, and Musk

Purely Orient Patchouli

The graceful fragrance of Patchouli is the prominent scent of our magnificent Purely Orient Patchouli perfume. Its lustrous fragrance is wonderfully elevated with the skillful balance of spice and musk carrying the redolence of oriental mystique and charm.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Palisander Rosewood

Middle notes - Basil, Tonka Bean, Rose, Patchouli, and Cedar

Base notes - Musk, Agarwood, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla, and Vetiver

Purely Orient Incense

A divine Eau de parfum - Ajmal Purely Orient Incense, is an incredibly delightful scent for perfume connoisseurs with eclectic tastes. This perfume captures the fragrance of traditional incense blended with contemporary floral and fruity essences for a timeless perfume experience. 

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Frankincense and Citrus

Middle notes - Violets, Rose, and Cypriol oil

Base notes - Amber, Leather, Oudh, and Moss

Purely Orient Saffron

Ajmal Perfumes presents you with Purely Orient Saffron, with a luxurious blend of exceptionally rare resources like Saffron, Oudh, and amber, that has the redolence of rich oriental heritage. These spicy and earthy notes are enhanced with delicate floral and fruity accords to make you feel like royalty. 

Fragrance notes  

Top notes  - Saffron, Pineapple, and Raspberry

Middle notes - Davana, Green notes, and Rose

Base notes -  Oudh, Amber, Woody notes, Cypriol oil, Nagarmotha

Purely Orient Santal

Purely Orient Santal is a perfectly crafted musky and woody fragrance with head notes of Saffron and spice, heart notes of extraordinary woody accords, and the base notes of opulent Amber, Oudh, and Musk. Purely Orient Santal’s unique blend makes it suitable for both men and women.

Fragrance notes  

Top notes  - Saffron, Ginger, and Nutmeg

Middle notes - Sandalwood, Cedar, and Gurjan Balsam

Base notes -  Agarwood, Musk, and White Amber

Purely Orient Tonka

Purely Orient Tonka is a special unisex perfume in the Ajmal Purely Orient fragrance series. It has a one-of-a-kind spicy and musky fragrance interlaced with sweet and earthy notes of priceless Tonka beans. It gives an excellent escapade through the rich oriental times.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Cinnamon, Clary Sage, and Nutmeg

Middle notes - Cedar and White Amber

Base notes - Agarwood, Tonka Bean, Cashmeran, and Tobacco

Purely Orient Amber

The truly extraordinary Purely Orient Amber is an enchanting Eau de Parfum for men and women. It has the deep accords of sensual Amber enhanced with magnificent notes of spice interlaced with the richness of Rose and Jasmine for a wonderful fragrance experience.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Citrusy notes and pepper

Middle notes - Palisander Rosewood, Jasmine, and Rose

Base notes - Agarwood, Musk, Amber, and Sandalwood

Purely Orient Vetiver

Pure Orient Vetiver - this well-crafted Eau de parfum is an alluring perfume for both men and women. The rich essence of Vetiver imbues an exotic woody fragrance that has the versatility to perfectly blend with spicy and musky notes of Bergamot, Saffron, Cypress, Oudh, and Musk. It's a beautiful Oriental symphony.

Fragrance notes  

Top notes  - Bergamot and Vetiver

Middle notes - Patchouli and Cypress

Base notes -  Saffron, Musk, Agarwood, and Sandalwood

Purely Orient Cashmere

Purely Orient Cashmere Wood is an ambery and woody fragrance for men and women with exotic tastes. Cashmere wood’s musky and earthy notes perfectly blend with floral and cocoa accords to create a rich and intense fragrance that is reminiscent of oriental glory.

Fragrance notes 

Top notes  - Mandarin Orange and Lavender

Middle notes - Cacao, Orris, and Tonka Bean

Base notes -  Agarwood, Cedar, Cashmeran, Amber, and Patchouli

Ajmal Purely Orient remains to this day the most sought-after fragrance line crafted by the design house of Ajmal. Our website has hundreds of Ajmal unisex perfumes and a specially curated list of perfumes for men and women that add an oriental mystery to your perfume collection and there is a huge variety of contemporary fragrances to choose from!

For more information about us and to know about existing offers on our perfumes, visit Ajmal Perfumes' website.

Ajmal Purely Orient remains to this day the most sought-after fragrance line crafted by the design house of Ajmal. We hope you enjoy these enticing fragrances that appreciate the beauty of the quality fragrance ingredients and age-old oriental perfuming techniques. 

Our website has hundreds of Ajmal unisex perfumes and a specially curated list of perfumes for men and women, that add charm to your fragrance collection. Our Prestige Collection has a huge variety of new and vibrant fragrances to choose from!

For more information about us and to know about existing offers on our fragrances, visit Ajmal Perfumes' website

Ajmal Purely Orient

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