The 10 Best Unisex Perfumes by Ajmal in 2022!

Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

The name Ajmal Perfumes is synonymous with ‘world-class perfumes’ and is celebrated by perfume connoisseurs all over the world for their exquisite oriental fragrances, perfumes for women, Perfumes for men, and Unisex Perfumes. With over 70 years of experience in making perfumes and over 240 retail stores across 45 countries and more, Ajmal Perfumes always stay on top!

The Best Unisex Perfumes in the USA

Here are some of the most popular androgynous perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes. We hope you enjoy wearing these fragrances as much as we did crafting them for you.

Aristocrat Platinum

Aristocrat Platinum was released in 2021, to commemorate Ajmal’s Platinum Jubilee decade. It is one of the best-selling unisex perfumes by the design house of Ajmal. This Eau de Parfum embodies the beauty of oriental fragrances and contemporary scents that bring together the expertise of 70 years of Ajmal Perfumes. The Top notes of Pepper and Lemon create a seemingly perfect opening, suitable for both men and women. This initial burst of fragrance is grounded by the floral and powdery middle notes. These Heart notes of Rose and Jasmine give the perfume a beautiful scent reminiscent of the intoxicatingly wonderful aroma of these majestic flowers in nature. Then comes the intense blend of Leather, Vetiver, and Oudh. The Leather in Aristocrat Platinum is warm without any bitterness or harshness, and it perfectly complements the green Vetiver and animalic Oudh in the base notes. 

It is perfectly suitable for any season and any occasion. If you are someone looking for good work wear perfume with ‘office sillage’, Aristocrat platinum can be perfect for you. It is one of the best couple’s perfumes in the USA.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Pepper and Lemon

Middle notes - Rose and Jasmine 

Base notes - Leathery accords, Vetiver and Oudh

Best Unisex Perfumes

Qafiya 01

Qafiya 01 - a part of the Qafiya series is a modern rendition of Oriental fragrances that have been an essential part of perfumery for ages and are here to stay. Qafiya 01, like its counterparts, is a wonderful floriental with a blend of other fragrance families. The lustrous amalgamation of floral, ambery, woody, musky, and green notes create a wonderful fragrance that envelops you in sophistication. The notes of wood, musk, and patchouli create a wonderful base that receives the top and middle notes perfectly. The middle notes are Amber and Sandalwood, which create a fascinating blend of warm and cool essences. The top floral notes of Rose and Orange Blossom give it a perkiness that is elevated by the spicy Saffron note that cuts the richness and adds an interesting facet. This perfume is a true oriental with all the best fragrances from that region. Qafiya 01 is one of the best unisex perfumes with the powdery patchouli in the base notes which gives it a masculine touch making it suitable for men despite the presence of Rose and Orange Blossom accord.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Rose, Saffron, and Orange Blossom

Middle notes - Amber and Woody Notes

Base notes - Woody notes, Patchouli, and Musk

Qafiya 02

Qafiya 02 is an energetic perfume with Coffee and Bergamot in the top notes, they wake you up with a brightness that stays until the initial dry down. As the perfume dries down, Orange Blossom and Spices follow their suit with the same vibrant intensity. Although, Moss and Sandalwood in the base notes are more graceful and grounding with their cooling effect. To understand the concept of Qafiya 02, you must understand that this is one of the unique Ajmal perfumes in the USA in this series with a blend of age-old and new-age scents. The fragrance subtly hits you in waves and lulls you into that intoxicating trance. If you are someone who loves to smell yourself and admire how good you smell, this perfume is for you and you don’t have to be a trained ‘Nose’ to understand the beautiful variation in fragrances during the dry down. 

This perfume is suitable for summers and winters. It can perfectly complement your outfit of the day. Although it is preferred to be worn during the day because of its vibrance, I feel that it can be a perfect fragrance pairing on those chilly evenings.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Rich Coffee and Bergamot

Middle notes - Spices and Orange Blossom

Base notes - Moss and Sandalwood

Qafiya 03

A floral symphony of deep fragrance accords like Leather, Wood, Musk, and Amber, Qafiya 03 follows the lead of its predecessors by being one of the special unisex perfumes by Ajmal. The perfume itself opens with a deep leathery fragrance that is expressed along with the sweetly floral Violet and fragrant Sandalwood. This scent imbues the feelings of sensuality. As the perfume matures and reveals the middle notes of delicately beautiful Turkish Rose along with the spicy and woody notes that are magnificent to behold. The Musk and Amber bring the perfume an entrancing aroma that perfectly layers the top and middle fragrance notes. Qafiya 03 is a creamy and luxurious perfume for both men and women. This perfume is a versatile perfume from the Qafiya series and can be worn during the day, in the evening, and for that rendezvous with ‘the’ special someone. It is suitable for special occasions and can be worn throughout the year.

Qafiya 03 is one of those perfect perfumes that anyone can wear anywhere!

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Leather, Violet, and Sandalwood

Middle notes - Turkish Rose, Woody Notes, and Spicy notes

Base notes - Musk and Amber

Qafiya 04

The fragrance of Qafiya 04 is tantalizing in the line of unisex perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes. It has a similar fragrance to that of Qafiya 02 but the spicy notes are slightly toned down to create a mesmerizing scent that is decent enough to wear during business occasions. The Leathery and Fruity accords in the top notes create an interesting scent that remains on your skin for a long time. This fruity-leathery scent is taken over by the spicy and smoky Olibanum and the animalic scents of Musk. The combined expression of the top and middle notes of Qafiya 04 is enthralling and intoxicating but when the woody notes enter the play, they create an interesting vibe that feels like a spiritual experience.

Qafiya 04 has a mesmerizing fragrance that is very enduring. It is one of the best long-lasting perfumes in the USA. Apart from its enduring nature, it is also known among Oriental perfume connoisseurs for its amazing sillage and strong projection. This perfume is perfect for winters. When the days are cold and long, Qafiya 04 keeps you warm and cheerful with its wonderful fragrance.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Leather and Fruity notes

Middle notes - Spicy notes, Olibanum, and Musk

Base notes - Agarwood, Amber, Guaiac wood, and other woody accords

Best Unisex Perfumes

Qafiya Sport

Qafiya Sport is specially crafted for the unique perfume enthusiasts in you! It is a high-performance fragrance suitable for an active day, at the end of which, you will still smell wonderful. Like Qafiya 03, this Eau de Parfum is known for its vibrant fragrant ingredients which include a blend of Nutmeg, Violets, and the zesty Bergamot which pump you up with just a spritz. The middle notes reveal Birch tar and Coffee that gives you the vibe of a productive beginning; the Cedar, Sandalwood and Damask Rose essences add a fragrant touch that envelopes you with a warm and cool effect! Leather and Amber is the base notes that provide a linear characteristic that balances the spicy and energetic notes of this perfume. Qafiya Sport is one of those unisex perfumes that are special and unique. It has a fragrance that you may never have experienced before!

Qafiya Sport is suitable for men and women of any age. This perfume is suitable to wear during the day and works perfectly to wear during the year.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Nutmeg, Violets, and Bergamot

Middle notes - Birch tar, Coffee, Cedar, and Damask Rose

Base notes - Leather, Amber, and Sandalwood

Fatinah Perfume Oil

Fatinah Perfume Oil is a wonderful blend of potent perfume essences and fragrances (Parfum concentration). The amalgamation of Fatinah is an explosion of fragrant florals like Rose, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine - the flowers that are native to Balsamic and Oriental regions. Patchouli in the middle notes is green and powdery with a fragrance that is reminiscent of the rainforest. The fragrance of the base notes has that familiar scent of strong oriental aroma that is brought out through the expression of Musk, Vanilla, and Woody notes. The Sandalwood accord in the heart notes plays an important role in bringing the top and base notes together. Fatinah is one of the best perfumes in the USA with a nice scent and high concentration. 

Fatinah Perfume Oil is suitable for both men and women, it especially blooms on those over 25. It has a strong projection that makes it well-suited for warm climates and on sunny days.

Fragrance notes

Top notes -  Floral accords of Rose, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine

Middle notes - Woody accords of Sandalwood and Patchouli

Base notes - Musk, Vanilla, and Woody notes

Dahn Oud Al Shams Special Edition EDP

Dahn Oud Al Shams is one of the special Oriental Perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes. It has the unique beauty of a niche fragrance but is also a crowd favorite designer perfume. Dahn Oud Al Shams Special Edition Eau de Parfum has the golden essence of the oudh (Agarwood oil) of the highest quality, obtained from our Agarwood plantations in Assam, India. The production of Al Shams perfumes involves the purest form of oudh extracted from the resinous Agarwood tree trunk. This essence is woody, animalic, resinous, and has a warm scent that is characteristic of oudh, especially that of Indian Oudh. Dahn Oudh Al Shams Special Edition perfume has a rich creamy texture that surrounds you like soft silk. It trails your skin and keeps developing by enhancing your body’s natural scent. The perfume projects even after 8 hours and has a wonderful sillage that everyone will recognize you by!

Dahn Oud Al Shams Special Edition Eau de Parfum has a bright aroma that is reminiscent of its color and of the exquisite flacon it comes in. It is one of the best unisex perfumes by Ajmal and will always remain on top of the list.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Resinous and Woody accords

Middle notes - Indian Agarwood oil

Base notes - Indian Agarwood accords

Dahn Oud Tahir

Dahn Oud Tahir is an illustrating expression of the best fragrances of Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood whose blend has this opulent silkiness that trails your scent without overpowering your presence. Dahn Oud Tahir is a deep and intense scent created by the blend of the best oudh essences along with spicy, woody, and resinous accords that are passed down as secrets through generations of Ajmal perfume makers. Dahn Oud Tahir is one of the best masculine perfumes in the USA and works perfectly as an androgynous perfume. It is suitable for any season and can be worn on any occasion.

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Cambodian Agarwood and Indian Agarwood blend

Middle notes - Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood

Base notes - Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood

Dahn Al Oud Madeh

Dahn Al Oud Madeh is a luxurious unisex fragrance for people who love a good Agarwood fragrance. This has an exciting scent that is formed by the marriage of Indian and Cambodian Agarwood in their purest form. This perfume also has other oriental and balsamic essences making it truly special. Dahn Al Oudh Madeh is the perfect summer perfume or suitable for warm days and nights because that is how the oudh blooms into this beautiful scent that will seduce your senses. These oudh perfumes are a must-have in your vanity!

Fragrance notes

Top notes - Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood

Middle notes -Cambodian Agarwood and Indian Agarwood blend

Base notes - Indian Agarwood and Cambodian Agarwood

These are some of the best unisex perfumes by Ajmal Perfumes. For more such interesting perfumes, visit our website. Enjoy these luxurious perfumes in the USA with free shipping all over the country for products over 50$. Let Ajmal Perfumes craft beautiful fragrance memories for you.

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Best Unisex Perfumes