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Written by: Anusha Sree Kakara.

Women Perfumes by Ajmal are some of the most sought-after fragrances by Ajmal. Our Perfumers are always coming up with new perfumes for women to match seasonal requirements and their unique tastes.

The right fragrance can express your personality to the world. Every woman should have a unique scent representing herself and her individuality.

If you want to be known for your fantastic perfume, wherever you step in, here are some popular perfume trends that will help you in doing so.

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Ajmal Perfumes for Women

Ajmal Perfumes for Women on Sale


Signify floral is an incredible women’s fragrance with special floral, tropical fruit. The top notes' spicy pink pepper opening creates a fun vibe and the middle notes fluorescence into florals like Jasmine and Rose. The base notes are Sandalwood and Musk. Signify Floral Perfume is suitable for any occasion.

The Sale price of Signify Floral Perfume is $23.

Top Notes: Fruity and Spicy

Heart Notes: Floral

Base Notes: Woody and Musky


Senora Floral Perfume for women is an extraordinary perfume for all wonderful women. The top note is opening with Spicy, Violet leaf, and labdanum. In the middle notes, Rose and Orange blossom create a sweet scent. The base notes of this perfume are Amber, Musk, vanilla, and Benzoin. 

Senora floral perfume is an interesting fragrance which suitable for any time of the day.  It is perfect for casual outings and work wear. 

We have the best deals on Ajmal perfumes for women

The sale price of Senora Floral Perfume is 25$.

Top notes:  Tart pepper, Violet leaf

Heart note: Orange blossom, Rose flower

Base note:  Amber, Musky and  Vanilla                             


Dame is a beautiful feminine perfume with a  fragrance that improves your mood and enhances your appearance. This floral fragrance blends musk, lavender, Geranium, and pepper. its long-lasting fragrance. This is a perfect daytime fragrance.

Here Ajmal gives you the best offer price.

The sale price for Ajmal Dame Perfume is $27

Top Notes: Fruity

Middle Notes: Floral

Base Notes: Woody

Ajmal Perfumes for Women


Aurum for women is a stunning floral fruity perfume by Ajmal Perfumes. It is a sophisticated perfume for a charming lady. This was launched in 2011. This fragrance treats your senses with a luscious, decadent, and fruity floral scent. We have the best prices on Women Fragrance’s and one of them is Aurum. 

The sale price of Aurum is 30$

Top notes: Lemon, raspberry

Middle notes: Orange blossom, jasmine, fruity notes

Base notes: Powder notes, Amber, Musk 


Ajmal Dawn perfume for women is a refreshing perfume with citrus notes. The woody, floral accords of sandalwood. Rose and jasmine are in the middle notes. Then comes base notes of musk and amber amplifying the fragrance that is so far.  This perfume stays on your skin for 6 hours. Here Ajmal offers you the best price Ajmal Perfumes For Women.

The sale price of Ajmal Dawn is 29$

Top Notes: Citrus

Middle Notes: Floral and Woody

Base Notes: Amber, Musky


Qafiya 04 is an Ajmal women's perfume that presents woody intense, spicy fruit notes. Qafiya 04 is a blend of classy women's fragrances that make it perfect for any occasion. It also makes a perfect date night perfume. 

The sale price of Qafiya 04 is 75$

Top Notes: Fruity

Middle Notes: Oudh, Ligah

Base Notes: Musk, Amber

D’light by Ajmal

Ajmal D’light is a stunning floral fragrance. This perfume has smoky and spicy in the top node. Orange blossom and violets are in the middle notes and Musk and Amber are in the base notes. This is a charming perfume for women who can use it in the evening.

The sale price of D’light is 27$

Top Notes: Cardamom, Bergamot

Middle Note: Violet, Orange Blossom

Base Note: Musk, Amber

Entice II by Ajmal

Entice II floral fruity perfume by Ajmal for women. is a blend of flowers and fruits with an alluring bouquet of several flowers to give this perfume girlish quality. 

Ajmal is providing the best offers on Ajmal Perfumes For women.

The sale price for Entice II  is 24$

Top Notes: Floral

Middle Notes: Fruity

Base Notes: Musk

Evoke Silver Edition for Her

The Evoke Silver Edition is a woody spicy fragrance. It was launched in 2016. It has an outstanding fragrance with citrus notes. Evoke silver perfume is perfect for every casual outing. This is one of the best perfumes for partywear. It delivers a very fresh, feminine aroma.

The sale price for Evoke silver edition is 37$

Top Notes: Citrus

Middle Notes: Floral

Base Note: Woody                  

Solace Spray For Women

Solace is a beautiful and long-lasting, aromatic perfume. This charming perfume opens with citrus and bright top notes. Solace perfume is a very decent and mild perfume with a unique fragrance.

The sale price for Solace is 25$

Top Notes: citrus

Middle notes: lavender and geranium 

base note: Amber and Musk

Oath perfume 

Oath perfume for women Ajmal was launched in 2019. This perfume has a citrus, fruity and floral essence. 

Oath perfume is a gentle breeze on a summer day. It has citrus notes which keep you always fresh for a long time in summer and leaves you smelling and feeling fresh.

We have the best offer on Women's Colognes. Oath is among them.

The sale price of Oath perfume is 55$

Top Notes: Apricot and Bergamot 

Middle Notes: Orange blossom and Tuberose

Base Notes: Musk and Vanilla 

These are the best Ajmal Perfumes For Women on sale. Visit our website for the best offers on Perfumes and grab your favorite Ajmal Perfumes at up to 50% off.

Ajmal Perfumes for Women

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